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2022 CHEAT SHEET: Sound and Music | FEATURING Dan O’Sullivan FOR LBB

Dan O’Sullivan | VP of sound, DEFINITION 6

One thing is certain – the need and opportunity for immersive sound artists are growing at a rapid pace. Taking our existing skills as sound designers, mixers, and composers and adding several extra layers of tech is an exciting and fluid place to be. The already popular and increasing need for immersive sound content allows for more creative ways to captivate a listener, more ways to create a unique soundscape specific to a new world, and just as importantly, more ways to use our skill set to earn a living and help our clients tell striking and original stories. I’m also looking forward to the full return of live music and events. For instance, bringing my children to see a live orchestra, a real Broadway show, or a concert in the park. Watching them find their own treasures in the moment and feeding off the excitement of a crowd of fans moving to the rhythm. For me, observing how the online world and metaverse continue to find new and exciting ways to add value to these organic experiences is something I anticipate and use for inspiration.

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