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Lava is a creative studio powered by original design. We thrive on projects that require unique solutions. Lava has a collaborative spirit and an extensive toolkit including motion design, animation, live production and VFX. We do our homework, get to know our audience, and make good ideas great.




This is Lava

Here’s your fat-free sampler of Lava treats, featuring our sweetest spots, tastiest design, and most vibrant visuals. Bon Appetit!
How do you take an idea from good to great? A good idea isn’t worth a thing until you act on it, explore its full potential and grow it into something great. If you want to really express yourself, to inspire people, to promote a brand, if you want to make an impact or get more clicks or likes or dollars, you have to put in the work to make your idea as powerful as it can be.
Lava loves sports! We always look for a fresh approach. Here’s a collection of our greatest hits for sports programs, networks, teams and venues.
Lava Studio and MLB Network have created a non-traditional on-air package for MLB Central that doesn’t use just one look, embracing instead a diverse mix of elements and styles that work great together to keep up the fun throughout the three-hour morning broadcast. Bumps and transitions were sourced out of the original collection of seven unique opens, and additional show elements were inspired by that variety as well. Lava’s design and animation team valued the chance to break some rules and explore an array of styles.
Lava's David Woodward directed The NFL Today host James Brown with analysts, Boomer Esiason, Bill Cowher, Phil Simms, and Nate Burleson. From storyboard to completion, Lava produced the three-spot promo campaign for the 2019-20 season.
Lava’s Creatives worked closely with Discovery for the development of Discovery #MINDBLOWN, a new STEM brand for kids. We participated in the evolution of #Mindblown leading up to its launch as a popular product brand with a unique interactive digital experience. Lava designed the #MINDBLOWN video style, and wrote and produced the #MINDBLOWN Blast series. David Woodward directed our young cast, and Lava’s Design and Animation Team created 25 unique and engaging episodes, exposing kids to fun facts about science, nature and tech.
MLB Network called on Lava Studio to follow up their Promax Gold-winning and Emmy-nominated MLB Tonight show package with a whole new look for the new season. Lava’s concept was to use the iconic home plate shape as the visual motif for the broadcast package redesign. The home plate shape anchors everything from the show open to animated graphic elements and live set content, giving MLB Tonight a unique branded look that baseball fans love. Result: Promax Gold and yet another Emmy nom! Play Ball!
Valerie Bertinelli’s irreverent comedy cooking show comes wrapped in Lava’s lighthearted and refreshingly retro show package.
Lava's main title design for The Forever Purge defied expectations for the latest in Blumhouse's popular dystopian film series. Lava brought beauty to the titles by creating idyllic watercolors of Americana, which are then fractured to expose violence, racial tension, anti-immigrant sentiment and societal decay.