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How Do You Make a Good Idea Great? by Robert Kirkpatrick, Lava Studio

How do you take an idea from good to great? Don’t just think outside the box. Think about the box!

So, you have a good idea. It popped up in a flash of pure genius, but where do you go from here? A good idea isn’t worth a thing until you act on it, explore its full potential and grow it into something great. If you want to really express yourself, to inspire people, to promote a brand, if you want to make an impact or get more clicks or likes or dollars, you have to put in the work to make your idea as powerful as it can be.

That initial inspiration was just the start of your journey. As good as your idea is, it’s impossible to see what shape it will take as you move it down the road. So, how do you avoid getting stuck in the mud or lost in the woods before you reach the finish line? Start by writing your idea down or sketching it out. This gives you a clear starting point to build upon and a safe place to return to if you begin to lose focus. Just by jotting down your idea you will reveal new possibilities, but also new weaknesses and doubts that you’ll have to overcome. It takes a fearless spirit of exploration to achieve greatness.

As marketers and entertainers, we’re in the idea business. The creative team at my company, Lava Studio, goes through a series of steps to explore the boundaries of a concept and find the sweet spot that resonates with an audience. We’ve created a video, The Big Idea, to share that process in a fun way, taking a simple square to represent the good idea, and looking at ways to make it great. Each step is a suggestion for looking at your idea differently and critically, and considering all the ways you can wrestle with it, make it better, and reach your target. We hope you’ll find some inspiration in The Big Idea, and that you’ll discover how far can you push your own good ideas to achieve the maximum impact.

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