Life Below Zero Campaign
October 4, 2021
Alaskan winters are desolate and isolating, with minus-60-degree days, storms and man-eating beasts to keep the cast of Life Below Zero in a constant battle for the most basic necessities. Viewers have seen a variety of approaches to the ice-and-snow aesthetic over the course of the long-running series, and it was our challenge to contribute something fresh and new for this linear, digital and key art campaign. Our pitch phase explored some other angles, like focusing on less-obvious aspects of the frigid Alaskan wilderness and the unique lifestyles of its inhabitants, but in the end we all felt a script comprising a countdown worked best with ice numbers. Cinema 4D and Redshift enabled the creation of photo-realistic ice-sculpture numerals, and with a quick turnaround in mind, atmospheric effects as well as fun flourishes like ice bubbles that animate into a starfield were added during compositing..