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Welcome to Brokendoll!
We're a creative studio branding and promoting entertainment titles across the globe.

What's our caper?

Fearless creativity for awesome entertainment brands. That's our caper!

Our team is a multidisciplinary collection of Artists, Producers, Directors, Designers, Animators, Photographers and Editors.

We have helped publishers, developers and broadcasters such as Mojang, Paradox, Microsoft, EA, Disney, Warner Bros, AMC and Ubisoft define, develop and promote their IP’s to their audiences.




Nobel Peace Prize & Minecraft education edition

Meet Nobel Peace Prize laureates and learn about the legacy of Alfred Nobel in this immersive gameplay-based trailer created by the team at Brokendoll in partnership with Minecraft Education Edition, the Nobel Peace Center and Games for Change.
A blank page is never really blank. There is always a customer with a need and a client who wants to fulfil a promise. That is where we start all our concepts, elbows deep in the strategy and the brief. It's our starting point for original creativity. From there its a short hop skip and a jump to scripts, storyboards too animatics and beyond!
Inspired by Chinese propaganda posters from the second world war we gave this stirring piece of motion graphics work a unique look. Waking the Tiger was our first ever project for Paradox and not only was the announcement trailer the first in a series of deliverables it marked the beginning of a fantastic relationship.
With over 200 Million viewers, Eurovision is the biggest live entertainment show on Earth. A live broadcast completion of this scale requires and robust design package. We designed the entire broadcast package and created full realised animated mockups.
When Paradox Interactive tasks us with creating the brand and announcement for Imperator: Rome it was no easy feat. The game was still firmly in development and without any assets to lean we decided to tell the history of Rome in the form of one custom design and rather magnificent sculpture.
Minecraft is the biggest game on the planet and with cross play between X-Box, Nintendo Switch and Playstation it just broke more boundaries. As far as we are aware this was the first time all 3 major platforms featured in the same commercial. Hats off to Minecraft!
Minecon Live (aka Minecraft Each aka Minecraft Live) is an amazing event. A true celebration of all things Minecraft. In 2019 our Minecraft live journey began with the creation of the announcement video for 2019 event. We were there at every step of the way from script to delivery. To capture the incredible scope of the event we put together a globetrotting intro.
Bloodhunt is a Battle Royale set in the Vampire The Masquerade universe. The slick cobblestones and rooftops of modern day Prague provide the backdrop. The team at Sharkmob reached out to Brokendoll to create the abstract opening cinematic and to bring their Blood Flow identity to life in motion.


CK3 was the much anticipated sequel to, unsurprisingly CK2. We had the please of orchestrating the brand strategy, visual identity and launch campaign. All in all it was a smash hit. CK3 blew through its sales targets and hit Nr 1 on the Steam Store. Take a peek at the video below to get a feel for the breadth and depth of our work this fantastic franchise.