Street Outlaws: Gone Girl
September 1, 2021
Discovery+ partnered with Evolve to produce a custom promotional campaign of spots to hype up the networks brand new original series, STREET OUTLAWS: GONE GIRL. Street racing is a competition with no barriers – if you can drive and you’re fast, then you can win. And in an all-new discovery+ series launching in early September, the fastest female drivers from around the country will converge in Las Vegas to pull off the ultimate street hustle — earning as much cash and street cred as possible. Seven of the most badass women in street racing are ready to do what they do best when “Street Outlaws: Gone Girl” premieres Monday, September 6, and that’s drive fast and win. With a passion for speed, they are among the fastest drivers in the country, and they’re ready to show the world that women can dominate. | Credits | Discovery+ VP Creative Director | Pablo Pulido Creative Producer | Nick Giattini Creative Director | Jamie Dugger Sr. Director of Production | Daniel Oleksiuk Production Manager | Jacki O'Connor Evolve Studios Executive Producer | Daniel Kiedis, Joel Edwards Producer | Jen Lewis Director | Joel Edwards Director of Photography | Aaron Seldon Camera Dept | Colin Noel, Brian Skinner, Stephen Johnson Nashville Camera Car | Dave Ogle, Hollis Bennett, Sam Wetzel Edited by Mark Ablaza VFX by Ryan Trommer Color by Kendall Rittenour Sound Design & Mix by Ryan Pribyl Post Supervisor | Melissa Floreth Produced, Filmed & Post Production by Evolve Studios