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Two years ago, we reimagined 2C as 2C 2.0 – A Creative Collective.

Our boutique agency approach curates exceptional talent with the experience and know-how uniquely suited for your projects. #Team2C’s band of creatives includes agency staffers, former network creatives, independent artists, and more. We know what our clients need because we’ve been the clients.

Our goal is to be your out-of-house, in-house team – the agency you trust the most to do what we do best: A/V for any screen. Our focus on content, craft, and process is unmatched, and we are excited to take your ideas to the next level.

During these two years, we’ve remained a leader in entertainment marketing with clients among the most well-known in the world including A+E Networks, CNN, Disney+, Discovery, HGTV, Lifetime, National Geographic Channel, Nickelodeon, NBC Sports, NBC Universal, NFL Network, Oxygen, TBS, and TNT.

Are you ready to see what a creative collective can do?




2C Creative | Disney 911 Launch Campaign

Our partners at Disney asked us to help launch FOX’s 911 into syndication and #team2C answered the call. The two concepts, “Elements of Chaos” and “Waveform”, each use powerful editorial storytelling and custom design to deliver their own take on the show’s big, theatrical action and character drama.
Overzealous tour guide with a winning smile or bull shark with killer teeth... whose grill are they really checking out? This concept is explored in the newest co-branded integration marrying Shark Week with Crest. Developed and written by Discovery writer/producer Daniel Tripod and executed by 2C Creative (“2C”), the spot is equal parts live action and CG, with a clever, humorous approach that has become synonymous with such collaborations.
Commissioned to help promote Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl XV,” 2C Creative delivered a playful trailer with just enough epic flair to do proper justice to the event’s 15th anniversary. The Miami-based creative agency fused live action, sound design and VFX to bring life to a concept developed by the network, and set it all against the musical backdrop of Mötley Crüe’s anthem “Home Sweet Home”. Mötley Crüe donated their fee in support of animal rescue. The resulting spot embraces the mantra: At Puppy Bowl XV, we don’t go big or go home. We go big AND go home.
For the 2019 television upfronts NBCU enlisted 2C to create a dynamic sizzle which also was projected across over 30 different screens within Radio City Music Hall.
2C has partnered with FX and FXX multiple times to create trailers for their Premiere movies. Because these movies are already well known when they air on the networks a "visual haiku" direction is used as opposed to a typical explanation of the plot.
2C 2.0 were thrilled to join forces with long-time collaborators and friends at Turner in conceptualizing and creating animated branded content for tbs. And what better time than now to lean into animation? “We created this concept long before Covid-19, travel restrictions and shooting regulations hit,” says Cheryl King, 2C 2.0 creative director. “We chose to pitch animated concepts to offer something different and unique to the sponsored content “scene” where we typically see shoot-based integrated spots. We work with such talented designers and animators that we wanted to explore sponsorships and brand integrations in a new way – fusions of brand colors, fonts, key messaging and imagery for both the network and the sponsor.”
With a growing track record of unique, fun and compelling campaigns that integrate world-renowned brands, 2C Creative was commissioned by ESPN to collaborate on a promotion involving Dunkin’ Donuts. The goal was to find a clever, comedic way to integrate the messages of the sports media conglomerate and its larger-than-life Monday Night Football analyst and Super Bowl winning former head coach, Jon Gruden, with the new mobile app from one of the world’s most recognized coffee and donut brands. In essence, it was about creating a seamless marriage between unlikely bedfellows, all while balancing the agendas of the different stakeholders involved.
We all know 2020 was a unique year for many reasons and even sports fans found themselves uncertain that the comfort of “the big game” would even be there. Despite the logistical challenges, football continued to enthrall audiences and deliver exciting game play that provided a welcome distraction amid record-breaking stats. For the third year running, NFL Network tapped us to create the spot promoting the biggest night before the biggest game of the season, “The NFL Honors 2021” which airs the night before Super Bowl LV. The NFL Honors is an opportunity for fans to see their favorite players off the gridiron and on the red carpet to celebrate their accomplishments. Given the unique peculiarities of Covid protocols, we were tasked with how to capture the visual excitement of a live event without the usual trappings of the crowd. Focusing on our modern gladiators through careful gameplay selection and stealthy use of 2020 Honors footage that didn’t betray current social distancing norms. 2C also created a custom graphics package that framed action with bold uses of brush strokes mimicking gold leaf and sparks to focus the eye. Fortunately, host Steve Harvey never disappoints to inject much appreciated humor and energy into the spot juxtaposed with the solemnity of the NFL Hall of Fame presentation.