2C Creative | NFL Network Honors
January 2, 2021
We all know 2020 was a unique year for many reasons and even sports fans found themselves uncertain that the comfort of “the big game” would even be there. Despite the logistical challenges, football continued to enthrall audiences and deliver exciting game play that provided a welcome distraction amid record-breaking stats. For the third year running, NFL Network tapped us to create the spot promoting the biggest night before the biggest game of the season, “The NFL Honors 2021” which airs the night before Super Bowl LV. The NFL Honors is an opportunity for fans to see their favorite players off the gridiron and on the red carpet to celebrate their accomplishments. Given the unique peculiarities of Covid protocols, we were tasked with how to capture the visual excitement of a live event without the usual trappings of the crowd. Focusing on our modern gladiators through careful gameplay selection and stealthy use of 2020 Honors footage that didn’t betray current social distancing norms. 2C also created a custom graphics package that framed action with bold uses of brush strokes mimicking gold leaf and sparks to focus the eye. Fortunately, host Steve Harvey never disappoints to inject much appreciated humor and energy into the spot juxtaposed with the solemnity of the NFL Hall of Fame presentation.