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Truest. is an award winning entertainment advertising agency. We deliver high quality creative ads and top-tier retouching for television, streaming and film with strong execution and finesse. True intention. True process. True results.




Shark Week: ‘Sharks with Tracy Morgan’!

We were tasked to produce a fun, attention-grabbing campaign for ‘Sharks! With Tracy Morgan’ to be included in the famous ‘Shark Week’ legacy. With a very limited shoot (8 talent shots), we came up with a visually striking ad showcasing the talent, framed by repeating shark jaws, all in a vivid, complementary color palette.
DESIGN & RETOUCHING- We teamed up with Sony Crackle to promote ‘SuperMansion’. We created a print and digital campaign consisting of a motion poster, 6 character posters / social posts, and a strategic placement ad set to be humorously showcased in Comic-con restrooms. Additionally, we handled retouching for their internally designed 1sheet and studio lot wall art.
COMPS & RETOUCHING- We teamed up with Fox Publicity to composite and retouch this concept to promote ‘The Resident’ Season 2. This involved masking, compositing and retouching to create a cohesive, full cast shot.
DESIGN & RETOUCH- We teamed up with Fox Publicity and Fox TV departments to composite and retouch this concept to promote ‘The Gifted’ Season 2. This involved masking, compositing, retouching and digital illustration of superpowers effects.
SKETCH, CONCEPT, DESIGN, COPY, RETOUCHING, BREAKOUTS- We teamed up with Sony Crackle to create the Print and Digital campaign for Season 3 of “StartUp’.
DESIGN & PRODUCT BREAKOUT - Partial Product suite for Netflix ‘Top 10’ show ‘Snowpiercer’
RETOUCHING - We teamed up with our friends at Fox Publicity to composite and retouch duo and group shots to promote Fox’s ‘Prodigal Son’. This involved compositing, 3D work (for handcuffs), color grading and retouching.
DESIGN & FINISHING- We teamed up with Kelly Turner and Participant Media to create a poster campaign for Rahul Jain’s ‘Invisible Demons’. We are passionate about working on films that increase public awareness of critical social and environmental issues- this was a great opportunity to exercise our creative chops and to get actively involved with some great organizations and causes. ‘Invisible Demons’ is a documentary that explores the dramatic consequences of India’s growing economy, capturing one city’s crisis and magnifying our collective awareness of Earth’s climate realities. A portion of profits from this campaign were donated to ‘Union Of Concerned Scientists’
RETOUCHING - Full run of publicity shot retouching for Disney +