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Truest. is an award winning entertainment advertising agency. We deliver high quality creative ads and top-tier retouching for television, streaming and film with strong execution and finesse. True intention. True process. True results.




Diesel Brothers: Final Season

Our creative partners at Discovery came to us for the key art for their final season of their legacy reality show- Diesel Brothers- because they new we loved a good illustration project. They really wanted some thing that portrayed the season’s “rallying cry for diesel”. They wanted something BIG! IN YOUR FACE! LARGER THAN LIFE! that would help solidify the cast as the “top dogs” in the competitive diesel world.
Working with our frequent creative collaborators at Fox Entertainment, we began work on the 3rd Season of Name That Tune. The network has several music centric competition shows, so it becomes a challenge to make sure that each show is distinctive from the other as well as fresh for each new season. We have successfully created the key art for each season of Name That Tune since it the show was rebooted in 2020 as well as several of their other music gameshows.
We began working with indie production company Legind Studios in 2021 to help launch their passion project- New World Order : Dark Prince. We created sales art, teaser art, print marketing collateral, theatrical posters & character posters for the film.
Our first project with a new partner in the A+E / Lifetime Creative Team, whom we were introduced to through Promax’s Agency Summit. This was a huge priority for the client- big property for the network, prime ad placement in one of The Hollywood Reporter’s biggest issues of the year, announcing a collaboration with megastar Mary J Blige. The were looking for a clean, sophisticated, text driven, Mary J Blige centric layout. This was a highly collaborative effort between our creative team and Lifetime’s in-house creative team.
With the direction that “Murphy (main character) is her own worst enemy” we set off on creative exploration for In The Dark’s Final Season Key Art for our client CW. We wanted it to be focused on Murphy, a little dark and simple. For the comp that went to finish- we focused directly on Murphy; directly getting into her head; her thoughts; what would this season focus on? SAVE ME. Murphy is blind and that plays a major part in the series narrative. Setting the type in braille was a creative choice that fit.
We were tasked to produce a fun, attention-grabbing campaign for ‘Sharks! With Tracy Morgan’ to be included in the famous ‘Shark Week’ legacy. With a very limited shoot (8 talent shots), we came up with a visually striking ad showcasing the talent, framed by repeating shark jaws, all in a vivid, complementary color palette.
DESIGN & RETOUCHING- We teamed up with Sony Crackle to promote ‘SuperMansion’. We created a print and digital campaign consisting of a motion poster, 6 character posters / social posts, and a strategic placement ad set to be humorously showcased in Comic-con restrooms. Additionally, we handled retouching for their internally designed 1sheet and studio lot wall art.
COMPS & RETOUCHING- We teamed up with Fox Publicity to composite and retouch this concept to promote ‘The Resident’ Season 2. This involved masking, compositing and retouching to create a cohesive, full cast shot.
DESIGN & RETOUCH- We teamed up with Fox Publicity and Fox TV departments to composite and retouch this concept to promote ‘The Gifted’ Season 2. This involved masking, compositing, retouching and digital illustration of superpowers effects.