A+E FAST Channels
March 1, 2022
Our colleagues at A+E tapped us to launch three new FAST Channels tailored for the niches of unexplained phenomenon, true-crime, and performance competition. From mysterious and supernatural occurrences, to extraordinary stories and investigations of the unknown, The UnXplained Zone is your portal to the paranormal. Follow the evidence, uncover the cover-ups, and discover what lies behind mankind’s greatest mysteries and the world’s strangest phenomenons. For Crime/ThrillHer the place for true crime and adrenaline-pumping drama, we were tasked to create a spot that tied together reality and fictional shows. We used the editorial and graphic concept of interconnected boxes, an elevated use of picture-in-picture, that played off repeated visual motifs of the greatest nail-biting moments. For Perform, we were asked to weave competition reality programming with dramatized biopics under the new banner that captures the excitement and rollercoaster of emotions under the hot lights of the stage. Using key words as an emotional through-line, we told the story of Perform through aspiration, achievement, and the heart-thumping glory of all kinds of performances. Editorially, we curated similar reaction shots that spoke to the passion of the viewer; making Perform feel like a unifying destination for the ongoing popularity of the performance genre.