The UEFA Champions League
October 1, 2022
For the third season in a row, the Northern Lights Family has partnered with Paramount+ to launch the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world: The UEFA Champions League.  Combining attitude-driven, rapid-fire voice over with a multi-panel split screen editorial approach and kinetic type accents, we crafted a campaign that spoke to both the casual sports fan as well as the die-hard football fanatic.  Our visuals scream exhilaration and excitement to draw in new viewers, while our copy was visceral and just “inside the sport” enough to pique the interest of longtime fans. Our campaign included launch spots, matchup topicals, a World Cup media buy, and player-specific vignettes.  After launching, during the tournament’s group stage, Paramount+ reported double-digit year-over-year growth in average audience, streaming minutes, and total households, including two of the most streamed Champions League group stage match days in the service’s history.