2C Creative | MLB Wild Card Game
September 9, 2021
Give Us Win or Go Home. One final chance to extend the season. Give Us the AL Wild Card. The AL Wild Card game is a must watch playoff game. It is a culmination of the season storylines, the top stars, and the biggest moments mixed into one single elimination game. This year’s matchup features a historical rivalry with the New York Yankees facing off against the Boston Red Sox. Working together ESPN and 2C came up with an attention grabbing treatment to make this year’s promos really pop. Taking exciting game moments and distressing them with a glitch effect and moody treatment overlays we took the footage to another level. In addition hand crafted text animations were created to help the copy compliment the mood that the cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” evokes. One of the biggest challenges with the MLB AL Wild Card promos each year is being prepared to pivot and evolve the initial spot to focus on the teams that actually clinch the 2 slots in the game. This year was no different as it came right down to the wire with a contentious competition.