ABC Google Pixel | Promos
December 18, 2019
Our friends at ABC approached us for a series of spots featuring the new Google Pixel 4 phone in conjunction with various ABC shows. The spots aired in perfect timing with the last scene of a show before a commercial break, tying it into the content. The goal was an integrated experience for the viewers. We also created evergreen versions, which could air at any time for continued programming use. We were given a script, VO, and the Google UI elements, but no visual background assets from the shows we were featuring. We had to research the shows and re-create the settings using various stock elements, 3D, and compositing. To give the scenes some extra life, we gave each spot a layer of heavy sound design and also added a few “motion” detail touches. These elements varied from an added candle with a flickering flame, atmospherics, such as bathroom steam or dust particles, a person walking in the background, etc. Read the full case study here: https://www.thisiselevation.com/google-pixel