Scripps News | Network Rebrand
January 1, 2023
On January 1, Newsy relaunched as Scripps News, complete with a new name and a refreshed look. But one thing that didn’t change was their approach to sharing the news. We used their motto “Be informed — not influenced” as the foundation for our design strategy when we updated Newsy’s brand identity in 2021. With the launch of Scripps News this year, we picked up where that design left off.Creating a new brand look takes a lot more than updating colors and a logo. Through thoughtful changes to the color palette and motion behaviors, our team overhauled over 350 assets in time for the network’s launch.Here’s how we worked with Scripps News to create a new look that keeps the core values of their brand intact. View the full case study here: https://www.thisiselevation.com/scripps-news